Amy Geib

Designer, Blogger, Dreamer

I'm Amy Geib, the creator of Always Never Done. My passion is scouring the land for other people's trash and turning what I find into the beatiful art they always wanted to be. I run a blog, an interior design business and a studio where I sell my one-of-a-kind pieces. Follow me as I show you my thrifty yet stylish ways to decorate your life and home.


Interior Design

I transform your outdated living space into a timeless, modern oasis.


I breathe new life into old, forgotten furniture, decor and cabinets.


Meet with me to help unlock the beauty that is hidden in your home.

AND Studio

Studio in Salunga, PA

Come check out our studio in Salunga and purchase one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture/decor to add to your home or become a DIY champion by joining us for one of our workshops.

DIY Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen pantries come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Well what if you don’t have one? That’s exactly the predicament we ran into when we built an addition on our house.