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Join me as I teach you how to paint like a pro. Bring a small piece of furniture that you can carry in the store easily. (a wooden chair, a side table, a stool a small bench etc. Please no bookcases or rocking chairs)  Make sure it structurally sound as we will not be fixing anything in the class and all hardware is removed. I will teach you how to mix and use BB Frosch chalk paint powder, paint your piece one color, distress to you liking and wax to protect your new creation. We provide a variety paint colors in colors, mainly neutral, if you’re looking for a specific color you may bring a sample size of flat interior paint with you to class. (You can get samples at Home Depot or Lowes). We do not use true white or pinks in class due to the amount of coats needed and time restrictions in class.

We will be using all BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder Products in class. Everything is supplied for you except your piece. You will leave the workshop with the confidence to paint on your own.  Feel free to bring snacks and/or drink of your choice to class. Bottle opener provided.

All BYOP classes are $75 a person.

If you can’t find a date that works for you, I will do a private party for you and your friends. You choose the date and time and bring your friends to suit your schedule.

Email Amy @ alwaysneverdone@gmail.com or call 717-618-8682 to reserve a date or if you have any questions.


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