Meet Me

 Hi! I’m Amy

I’m just a simply complex gal from the heart of the PA country side. I am a wife, a mother, a garage-sale maniac and love all things home related. Turning the old into new  makes my heart melt.

My husband/partner in DIY crime – Jeremy. Together, we can do some major damage on a house project.

THINGS THAT MAKE MY HEART MELT:  (other my husband-hope he’s reading this)

-PIGLETS! I have a slight obsession with small pigs.  Not just a piglet, those little miniature potbellied pigs that stay small forever! yes those.  I mean seriously, how can you not love them!

-The Beatles, Crowded House (thanks to my dad) and Jason Mraz.

– The Outer Banks (Cape Hatteras) This is where I recharge my batteries.

-Did I mention I looooove thrift shops, garage sales, estate sales, auctions, craigslist, and TRASH!!! yes trash! I am not embarrassed to say that I have and will continue to  pick stuff out of the trash or off the side of the road. Don’t judge, it’s not like you haven’t. Right?!?

My DIY Inspiration: This is an understatement but I LOVE Nicole Curtis from the DIY network show “Rehab Addict”. I would do anything to spend a day with that girl. She is just so cool and inspiring. I am pretty sure we would be besties in real life 🙂

I graduated with an Associates degree in health sciences and used to work as an x-ray technologist. However- I am the go to girl for décor and DIY stuff. I mean I don’t want to toot my own horn but I am pretty handy lady when it comes to the house stuff. haha At least that’s what my friends tell me. They think I am crazy to be able to work, be a mom and wife and make my house look amazing. But, if I can do it, seriously you can too.

I thrive on making my home and others homes look beautiful and doing it without spending an arm and a leg.  I will find a way to do the things I want in my house without hiring professionals, whether it be design, building or refinishing. So follow me in my never ending adventure of home DIY and  I will try my best to show you how I do what I do.

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