#Swap It Like It’s Hot – Gold and Blue Vignette

SWAP4-Logo-FINAL-1024x1024Happy Tuesday folks!! This weeks post is part of the Swap It Like It’s Hot blogger series where 40 of us bloggers have swapped thrifted items and turned them into something fabulous. The rules went as follows. Spend no more than $15 in thrifty finds and send them to your chosen blogger. They then have to make something new and exciting out the “crap” that you sent them:) FUN RIGHT! Today is my day to share my thrifty swap items along with these great bloggers.

swap it tuesday

So here is what I received from the wonderfully talented Shanna at Restoration Redoux. To see what Shanna did click here.


A pillow case (might I say that I LOVE the design on this pillow case.) 2 wooden candle sticks. I really cool tribal looking tray and last but not least…a small hand drum?!? Nice Shanna! Real nice!

Ok so first off I dove into that pillow case. I thought of probably 30 things I could do with this but ultimately decided I had to use this amazing glassless frame I had laying around that I rescued from a yard sale with it.


I cut out enough material to fit in the frame. I ironed it and then stapled it to the back making sure to pull the fabric tight.



DONE! this literally took me 10 minutes max and I think my husband even likes it. SHHH!!!


Now for the hand drum.

swap-it-like-its-hot-Always-Never-Done 12

I honestly thought I might not use this because I wasn’t really sure what to do with it other than let my son annoy the heck out of me with it!! When all else fails start taking it apart and that’s exactly what I did. I cut off the black netting and took of the top of it and look what I was left with.


Now this I can work with! I decided to use gold metallic craft paint and coat the whole thing lightly to let some of the wood show through. I was trying to match the ornate frame with the blue fabric so I could pair them all together if I wanted to.  I then took some fake mum flowers I had sitting around stuck them inside the newly opened top. It’s a flower vase!!!!!!!!

swap-it-like-its-hot-Always-Never-Done 13

Next are the wooden candle sticks. We have all seen these sitting around at Goodwill. I sure know I have.  They are just begging to be painted. I decided to keep with the gold theme and gave them the same lightly brushed gold effect at the hand drum/flower vase.

swap-it-like-its-hot-Always-Never-Done 8

As for the little tribal tray. I was selfish and kept it as is. I just love it! It blows my mind what people get rid of!!! I am sure you will see this pop up in my photos when decorating my house:)swap-it-like-its-hot-Always-Never-Done 11

So there you have it friends. Just goes to show you can always make something out of other peoples “junk” with a little thought and creativity.

swap-it-like-its-hot-Always-Never-Done 10

I am loving my gold and blue vignette.

swap it picture

Want to see what other bloggers did with their swaps. Here is the full list below. AND see what my chosen blogger I Am A Homemaker did with the items that I sent her.

Tune in all week to see the crazy items this talented group of bloggers has been making over! Search the hashtag #swapitlikeitshot on social media to follow along with all the fun or check out our Pinterest Board.


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